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After Fistula Repair: Understanding Women’s Needs in Uganda

[Webinar] After Fistula Repair: Understanding Women’s Needs in Uganda

To better understand the long-term outcomes of fistula repair, Makerere University in Uganda and the University of California, San Francisco recently conducted a longitudinal study to develop a measure of post-surgical reintegration success and document physical and mental health changes among repaired more

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Quality, Equity and Dignity: A Solution for Every Woman, Every Newborn, Everywhere

All mothers deserve to be treated with Quality, Equity and Dignity. Photo: WRA India.

The government of Malawi recently hosted national and global health leaders in its capital, Lilongwe, to launch the Network for Improving the Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (the Network). The vision is an ambitious one — to halve the number of maternal and newborn deaths and stillbirths in participating health facilities within five years in nine initial countries. The Network aims to build on and accelerate progress while focusing on quality, equity and more

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Task Shifting: The Key to Increasing Access to Essential Maternal Health Services

USAID reports that there are 18 million fewer health professionals in the world than what is needed, and the largest shortages are in parts of Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa. This implies that large numbers of women do not have access to skilled health care. Task shifting can be a key strategy to minimize this gap and prevent maternal deaths due to pre-eclampsia/ more

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