Alarming Shortage of Health Personnel in Conflict-Affected Nigeria

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By: Anne Wittenberg, Program Specialist, United Nations Population Fund

The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 1.7 million women affected by the conflict in Nigeria are of reproductive age, and some 276,000 of these women are likely to become pregnant this year. The violence has left more than 40% of health facilities either destroyed or badly damaged, and many doctors and nurses were forced to flee, creating a crisis for women who need maternal health care…read more

Person-Centered Group Antenatal Care in Eastern Uganda: Reaching Women Through Pregnancy Clubs

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By: Kate Ramsey, Senior Principal Technical Advisor for Maternal and Newborn Health, Management Sciences for Health; Shafia Rashid, Senior Technical Advisor, Family Care International (FCI) Program of Management Sciences for Health

Group antenatal care, initially developed in the U.S. several decades ago, is a promising model that responds to women’s health and information concerns during pregnancy. Management Sciences for Health is testing the feasibility and acceptability of person-centered, group antenatal care in the context of eastern Uganda…read more

Meeting the Maternal and Newborn Needs of Displaced Persons in Urban Settings

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By: Namita Rao, Intern, Environmental Change and Security Program

More than 60% of the world’s refugees and 80% of internally displaced persons now live in urban areas. However, a dearth of skilled birth attendants, such as doctors and midwives, in poor urban areas often leaves women and newborns at risk. On 31 May, a panel of experts gathered at the Wilson Center to discuss ways to improve maternal and newborn health care for displaced persons in urban areas…read more

After Fistula Repair: Understanding Women’s Needs in Uganda

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By: Lauren Bellhouse, Program Associate, Fistula Care Plus

To better understand the long-term outcomes of fistula repair, Makerere University in Uganda and the University of California, San Francisco recently conducted a longitudinal study to develop a measure of post-surgical reintegration success and document physical and mental health changes among repaired clients…read more