Young Champions second cohort (2013)

The Young Champions of Maternal Health program, started in 2009 by the Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF), was the first-ever international fellowship to focus specifically on supporting a new generation of global leaders dedicated to improving maternal health. The MHTF partnered with Ashoka and the Institute of International Education to provide the Young Champions with connections to leading maternal health experts, who served as mentors, creating a diverse network of maternal health clinicians, researchers and program implementers. The Young Champions also had the opportunity to improve their professional and technical skills by working on a maternal health project over the course of nine months.

Young Champions Second Cohort


In 2012, the MHTF and the Institute of International Education identified a second cohort of 10 Young Champions from Ethiopia, India, Mexico and Nigeria.

Learn about the second cohort of Young Champions, their mentors and their projects on their Storify archive and in the summaries below:

Young Champions First Cohort


In 2009, the MHTF partnered with Ashoka to connect the first cohort of 15 Young Champions, including students and young graduates, with maternal health institutions across the globe. The Champions’ mission was to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity through innovative research or field work.

Learn about the first cohort of Young Champions, their mentors and their projects in the ebook they wrote with Ashoka and in the summaries below: