Carolina brings with her a new idea and a proof that compassion, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces for social change. She founded a citizen sector organization in an impoverished Northeast region of Brazil called The Art of Being Born which introduces arts as a tool to help mothers during pregnancy. By incorporating music and poetry into traditionally ‘scientific’ medical workshops, Carolina’s organization allows mothers to connect with their babies and to turn pregnancy into an enjoyable experience. Carolina is eager to become a Young Champion and use this cross cultural experience as an opportunity to share her ideas and learn from Ashoka Fellows and other changemakers who are actively shaping a better world.


Jacqueline Goïta’s organization, APAF Muso Danbé, aims to protect and educate young domestic workers, mostly girls who migrate from rural areas to cities for economic reasons. APAF regulates employer/employee relationships, and offers basic education to girls on health and hygiene, among other issues. Jacqueline has been extremely effective in educating workers in the sector about their rights.. She has developed strong relationships with such organizations as UNICEF and recently entered a partnership with a specialized medical NGO, Santé-Sud, which has succeeded in setting up a corps of rural doctors throughout the country.


Carolina Damásio will work on the “Building Life Skills of Migrant Girls” project, coordinating activities related to the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among domestic workers in Bamako, Mali. Carolina will also help promote family planning among domestic workers and will deliver workshops about reproductive health. These initiatives will be supported by communication and fundraising campaigns which will both raise awareness about the maternal health of domestic workers, and also generate resources for APAF. The ultimate goal of Carolina’s placement will be to mobilize domestic workers to become defenders of their own rights in order to improve maternal health and, more generally, the living conditions and these vulnerable women and their families.