Here, you’ll find a collection of leading organizations working to improve maternal healthcare worldwide and advance research. Explore these resources to stay informed, get involved, and support the crucial mission of promoting safe and healthy pregnancies for all.



Committed to improving the lives of women and girls around the world, CARE has works to reduce poverty and advance social justice. To learn more about their mission and get caught up on the latest news and research, explore their website. Available here!



Promoting gender equality through empowerment initiatives and sexual and reproductive health services, the UNFPA is a leading organization for women’s health. UNFPA aims to expand family planning services, reduce preventable maternal mortality, and  fight gender-based violence. Learn more here!




The Maternal Health Unit of the World Health Organization is a leader in the creation and implementation of research-based guidelines and norms for improving maternal and perinatal health outcomes worldwide. Learn more about their initiatives, publications, and partnerships here!




Maternal and Newborn Health of UNICEF is committed to reducing global maternal mortality rates by advocating for high quality, affordable health care. Learn more about their advocacy work and additional resources here!