World Preeclampsia Day: Recognizing That Delivery Is a Treatment, Not a Cure

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By: Rebecca Britt, Community Education and Engagement Manager, Preeclampsia Foundation

Any woman can develop preeclampsia after delivery, whether she experienced high blood pressure during pregnancy or not. Because the majority of deaths due to preeclampsia happen after the baby is born, it is critical that patients are advised to continue monitoring their health.

Addressing the Maternal Mental Health Diagnosis Gap Through Screening Tools in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

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By: Teertha Arora, Candidate for Masters in Public Health (Global Health), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

There is a dearth of mental health screening tools validated for use in low-resource settings among pregnant women, specifically in Africa. To address this research gap, a study recently published in PLOS ONE by Heyningen et al. examined the reliability and feasibility of five screening tools to diagnose Major Depressive Episode and/or anxiety in a South African primary care antenatal clinic…read more