Both communicable and non-communicable diseases can threaten the health of mother and fetus during pregnancy and postpartum. Therefore, there is a constant need for more research into the interaction between disease and pregnancy, particularly for diseases affecting large populations of women, such as diabetes, malaria, and HIV. Threats vary significantly depending on geography, genetic predisposition, and access to healthcare. Although only an overview, this page displays recent research and headlines relevant to the impact of disease on pregnancy outcomes and maternal health.

Research Publications

In the International Journal of Epidemiology June 2023 – The impact of diabetes during pregnancy on neonatal outcomes among the Aboriginal population in Western Australia: a whole-population study

In BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth June 2023 – The impact of HIV and ART exposure during pregnancy on fetal growth: a prospective study in a South African cohort

In Maternal and Child Health Journal June 2023 – The Role of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Conventional Cardiovascular Risk Prediction

In the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology June 2023 – Maternal morbidity and mortality among patients with cancer at time of delivery

In Nature Medicine May 2023 – Polygenic prediction of preeclampsia and gestational hypertension

In the News

In NPR July 16, 2023 – Endometriosis, a painful and often overlooked disease, gets attention in a new film

In The New York Times July 3, 2023 – A Blood Test Predicts Pre-eclampsia in Pregnant Women