Survey Results

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Here are some of the results (click on the thumbnails for larger images):

Over half of you reading our site are Academicians/Researchers/Professors (27%) or NGO Staff/Aid Workers (27%).

When asked what existing health/maternal health websites lacked, 43% of you said an effective search engine while 34% said a user friendly design.

We also asked your preference for the MHTF site’s three priority areas. The top three are maternal health trends and indicators, maternal health interventions, and program evaluation.

As for the features that would be most useful to you on the MHTF website, the top responses are: research reports, maternal health statistics, funding opportunities, and journal articles. The features that you said would be least useful are news feeds, job/internship listings, and a graphics bank.

We are currently using the information you provided to build on and improve our website which will launch in November, so stay tuned!