Final Call for Information on Disposable Kits for Use During Pregnancy, Childbirth or the Postpartum Period

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Immpact (The Initiative for Maternal Mortality Programme Assessment) is almost finished with a literature review on birth kits in developing countries–and is making a final call for additional information.

Immpact’s literature review aims to summarize the state of knowledge and lessons learned regarding birth kits in developing countries. The overall goal is to explore how birth kits fit within the wider field of maternal and child health.

As part of the review, Immpact is gathering information on disposable kits for use during pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period. They are also interested in learning more about disposable kits for use with newborns.

If you have more information on the use of birth kits in developing countries, please contact or the review team at: by Wednesday, March 10th.

For more information and the review protocol, click here.

A copy of the Immpact report will be made available here. They anticipate it will be available at the end of March.