Stay Tuned: FCI at the G8 and G20 Summits

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A message from Family Care International:

Family Care International will be at the G8 and G20 Summits in Canada this week, and you can follow our live updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Amy Boldosser, a member of FCI’s global advocacy team, will be in Toronto from Thursday through Sunday, making FCI one of the few international health NGOs that will be on the scene for these historic meetings. FCI, along with our colleagues from the Global Health Council, will also be blogging the summits at the Blog 4 Global Health; Amy will be posting on RH Reality Check too.

Canada, the host country for both summits, has declared that maternal and child health will be a central focus of the G8 agenda. FCI and our advocacy partners from around the world are working to ensure that this is far more than a symbolic step — that the G8’s discussion leads to concrete financial commitments, and that governments are held accountable for delivering on these commitments and saving women’s and children’s lives.

  • To lend your voice, sign the ONE Campaign’s petition asking that the G8 commit to training an additional 3.5 million healthcare workers by 2015.