Young Champions of Maternal Health Continue to Progress & Lead Change

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The Young Champions of Maternal Health have continued to contribute blogs on their progress implementing projects with Ashoka Fellows around the world. This month, the Young Champions share their insights into topics as diverse as making the most out of the few short months left in the Young Champion program, different strategies for leading and managing a citizen sector organization, the ever-present challenge of ensuring that the most marginalized populations are not forgotten, and beginning the process of applying learnings from the placement with an Ashoka Fellow to one’s own ideas and work. All this and much more! You can click through to their individual blog posts below. They will continue to blog about their experiences every month, and you can learn more about Ashoka, the Maternal Health Task Force at EngenderHealth, the individual Young Champions, and the program here. Enjoy!


In Transition by Anna Dion

Facts for Life by Carolina Damásio

Focusing on My Idea by Egwaoje Ifeyinwa Madu

Sharpening My Educational Skills by Faatimaa Ahmadi

Finally Meeting My “Nigerian Family” by Faisal Siraj

My Feet are Off the Ground by Hellen Mammeja Kotlolo

Tightrope Enterprises by Julianne Parker

Working Hard… by María Laura Casalegno

Yes, We Can Do It by Martha Fikre Adenew

All Crammed In… by Onikepe Oluwadamilola Owolabi

Family Planning or STI Prevention? by Peris Wakesho

Poverty in Paradise – Plight of the Tukang Suun by Sara Al-Lamki

Getting My Empathetic Gordon Gecko On by Seth Cochran

Newsflash: Development Gives Rise to Oldest Occupation by Yeabsira Mehari

What Next? by Zubaida Bai