Photoessay: Fistula in Guinea

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Earlier this week, a Maternal Health Dialogue Series event focused on maternal morbidities and discussed why they are often neglected even within the maternal health field. A full summary and video of the event will be available soon through the Wilson Center website.

Fistula was one of the morbidities that was discussed at the event and was covered at the event by Karen Beattie of the Fistula Care Project. A photoessay from USAID, published this week, explores the work being done to address fistula in Guinea:

The average Guinean woman will have six children during her lifetime, but due to the lack of obstetric care, many develop fistula, a painful injury that is especially traumatic due to the stigma associated with it…USAID is helping more than 1,500 women in Guinea access treatment for fistula and working with communities-women and men, secular and religious leaders-to understand, prevent, and treat fistula while better supporting those who have suffered from it.