MHTF and IECS | June 2016
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This manual is intended for members of a quality improvement team from an obstetrics department in a facility that manages deliveries and receives emergency referrals. Its purpose is to teach a team to run obstetric emergency drills on a random schedule within the obstetrics unit, to help clinical staff evaluate and improve their responses to obstetric emergencies.

The objective of this manual is to describe the procedures and to provide the necessary tools to conduct obstetric emergency drills followed by debriefing sessions to improve facility quality and emergency preparedness. This manual is not meant to provide clinical guidelines. Content of drill scenarios should be corroborated with evidence-based guidelines and facility protocols. The manual should be used as a training tool and a reference during implementation of obstetric emergency drills.

This manual is neither a “training of trainers” manual nor a participant manual for clinicians participating in obstetric emergency drills.

Find the accompanying PowerPoint presentation here.