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Inspired by Half the Sky? Check Out EngenderHealth’s Online Reader’s Companion!

During the past month, I’ve been reading Half the Sky, a new book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn that features stories of women who have overcome extreme adversity—sexual violence, poverty, illness, and fistula—not only surviving, but charting a new course for themselves and their communities. It’s a testament to the power of every individual … Continue reading “Inspired by Half the Sky? Check Out EngenderHealth’s Online Reader’s Companion!”

Article of the Week

Here at the Maternal Health Task Force, we were all very moved by this stark and realistic photo essay taken by Marco Vernaschi at the Simao Mendes Central Hospital in Guinea- Bissau which was published yesterday by the New York Times. To look at these photos, click here. Let us know if this was useful, … Continue reading “Article of the Week”

Young Champions of Maternal Health

The MHTF is thrilled to announce our partnership with Ashoka to select and support a cadre of young professionals dedicated to maternal health. The Young Champions will be selected through a competitive process administered through Ashoka’s Changemakers online platform starting in December and we expect to discover some energetic and innovative young people to help … Continue reading “Young Champions of Maternal Health”

Article of the Week

On Monday, the Huffington Post published an article written by Dr. Ana Langer, President of EngenderHealth and Advisor to the MHTF, describing family planning as a key preventive measure against maternal mortality. According to experts, over 70,000 maternal deaths could be prevented each year in Africa alone if there was better access to contraception. Dr. … Continue reading “Article of the Week”

NGO Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Development

Last week, a three-day Non-Governmental Organization Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Development convened 400 delegates from 131 countries in Berlin to assess progress on the 15th anniversary of the Programme of Action that emanated from the seminal 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. Attached is the Call to Action that … Continue reading “NGO Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Development”

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Here are some of the results (click on the thumbnails for larger images): Over half of you reading our site are Academicians/Researchers/Professors (27%) or NGO Staff/Aid Workers (27%). When asked what existing health/maternal health websites lacked, 43% of you said an effective search engine while 34% … Continue reading “Survey Results”

Article of the Week

MHTF Advisory Group member Justus Hofmeyr and colleagues have published a review in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization of the evidence on the effects of misoprostol for the prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage. The review includes 46 randomized trials with more than 40,000 participants. They concluded that further research is needed to … Continue reading “Article of the Week”

Review of Birth Delivery Kits

IMMPACT project at the University of Aberdeen has asked the MHTF to circulate the message below to members. Immpact is currently undertaking a rapid, scoping review of the literature to identify lessons learnt and work underway relevant to the content and use of birth delivery kits in developing countries. We would be delighted to hear … Continue reading “Review of Birth Delivery Kits”

Article of the Week

The maternal mortality ratio is Swaziland is 589 deaths per 100,000 live births, according to the 2009 State of the Swaziland Population report. Two months ago, the Japanese government gave a grant of $2.57 million for the next three years to Swaziland to improve the country’s maternal and child health programs, a key part of … Continue reading “Article of the Week”

Article of the Week

The Population Reference Bureau recently released figures showing that the global population will reach seven billion in 2011, a year earlier than expected. According to the experts, this population growth is likely to hinder the successful attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, including MDG5: Improve Maternal Health. To read more, click here. Let us know … Continue reading “Article of the Week”