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Global Maternal Health Conference 2013

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Hon. Juma Duni Haji, Minister of Health, Zanzibar

The closing remarks started with an overview of the conference from Dr. Ana Langer, followed by a charge to create a manifesto from the conference as well as an action plan from Richard Horton from the Lancet.

Prof. Mahmoud Fathalla, Egypt

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Prof. Mahmoud Fathalla then tasked the conference with sending a message to the Lady of Laetoli with three components: 1. Thanks and appreciation. 2. Regrets and apologies. 3. We promise and yes, we can. He described these three messages in detail, ending with the promise that we can now prevent so many of these deaths, and that we will, in the future.

GMHC2013 Conference Co-chairs:
Dr. Guerino Chalamilla, CEO, Management and Development for Health
Dr. Ana Langer, Director, Maternal Health Task Force, Harvard School of Public Health

Hon. Juma Duni Haji officially closed the conference with a description of the achievements made in the past, especially within Tanzania, as well as a commitment to work on maternal health, and all women’s health goals, in the future.