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Maternal Health, HIV, and AIDS: Examining Research Through a Programmatic Lens

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Contribution of HIV to pregnancy-related mortality
Clara Calvert, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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Calvert presented the findings of her recent research, posing three questions to the audience: (1) What is the attributable risk of HIV; (2) Might HIV increase risk of obstetric complications (i.e. sepsis, malaria, anemia during pregnancy, etc.); and (3) Might pregnancy accelerate progression of HIV? Calvert found that women living with HIV have nearly 8 times the risk of death during pregnancy compared to women without HIV. In West Africa, 6% of maternal deaths are attributable to HIV, whereas 17% of maternal deaths in East Africa are attributable to HIV and 53% of maternal deaths in Southern Africa are attributable to HIV.

For more information, please visit the maternal health, HIV, and AIDS technical meeting page.