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Maternal Health, HIV, and AIDS: Examining Research Through a Programmatic Lens

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Discussion and identification of key research questions
Hoosen Coovadia, University of Witwatersrand

Coovadia via Skype clarified that the main issues to be addressed with the choice between Option B and Option B+ were: safety, adherence, retention and drug resistance. Coovadia questioned the ethics of privileging pregnant mothers over other populations and argued that Option B+ will not directly address leading causes of maternal mortality, post-neonatal mortality or under 5 mortality rates that are attributed to other causes. In South Africa, Coovadia noted that child and maternal mortality rates have reduced due to targeted interventions directly addressing causes of maternal and child death. He recommended direct, evidence-based interventions to target leading causes of maternal and child mortality.

For more information, please visit the maternal health, HIV, and AIDS technical meeting page.