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Measuring Advocacy for Policy Change: The Case for Respectful Maternity Care

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This session follows “How to frame policy advocacy” and records the presentations from the Global, National, Sub-national, Community and Professional Associations groups. Policies for RMC are reviewed and questions are asked, such as: What are the priority outcomes? Who must be influenced? What are the interim outcomes? What would we like to see changed and how will we measure it?

Groups choose different policies, but commonalities arose including: opportunities arise within policy windows; targeted outputs need to be made (such as a page of do’s and don’ts for policies); drivers need not only be people in influential governmental positions; policies may be difficult to enact and will meet push-back from various groups; existing policies, standards, funding practices and groups may only need to add RMC to their work; and facilities and health systems need to be reviewed, as well as the capabilities to gather data for RMC work.

For more information, please visit the respectful maternity care technical meeting page.