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mHealth for maternal health: bridging the gaps

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The opening session begins with a welcome address from Ana Langer and a review of the agenda, objectives and goals of the meeting by Christopher Bailey.

(0:00) mHealth within the context of Universal Health Coverage: Why take a systems approach?
Kathleen Hill, URC

Kathleen Hill gives an illustrative case presentation of how eHealth interventions and integration could have helped identify a pregnant woman’s experience with eclampsia, possibly averting a newborn’s death.
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(25:00) Barriers to and opportunities for achieving Universal Health Coverage
Alain Labrique, JHU

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Alain Labrique gives an overview based on a pre-meeting survey of participants, asking what are the major barriers and possible interventions for Universal Access for maternal health. Barriers were grouped into three cadres: the client, the provider and the system. Solutions are also discussed, including the challenges to overcoming those barriers. Q&A and discussion from participants followed.

For more information, please visit the mHealth for maternal health technical meeting page.