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mHealth for maternal health: bridging the gaps

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(0:00) Linking mHealth with health outcomes
Marc Mitchell, HSPH

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Marc Mitchell presents a logic model that links the functions of mobile technology to improvements in client knowledge, provider competence, and health system strength, using examples of current projects to illustrate these theoretical linkages. Q&A and discussion follows.

(52:00) mHealth and ICT Framework for RMNC
Garrett Mehl, WHO

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Garrett Mehl describes some of the different aspects that make up mHealth and the taxonomy of mHealth. He suggested that mHealth is often used as a catalyst to improve interventions, and defined mHealth terms used as defined by the WHO mTERG group: mHealth strategy, mHealth technology and mHealth project. Q&A and discussion follows.

For more information, please visit the mHealth for maternal health technical meeting page.