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Measuring Advocacy for Policy Change: The Case for Respectful Maternity Care

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Mary Beth Hastings begins this session by reviewing how change has affected policy and implementation, especially through rights based approaches. She describes how PEPFAR used policy rather than guidance for certain changes, and the challenges surrounding those policies.

For the large group work, Hastings begins with a definition for Policy Advocacy as: a set of targeted actions designed to influence decision makers in support of a specific policy issue. With that definition in mind, she asks participants to list the policies that would allow RMC to be a part of maternal health, everywhere. Once policies and intentions are discussed, the participants use sticky dots to prioritize these interventions and policies. Participants then break into smaller groups to discuss these policies for Professional Associations and on Global, National, Sub-national and Community scales.

Questions include: What are the priority outcomes? Who must be influenced? What are the interim outcomes? What would we like to see changed and how will we measure it?

For more information, please visit the respectful maternity care technical meeting page.