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Maternal Health, HIV, and AIDS: Examining Research Through a Programmatic Lens

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Causes of death and impact of treatment – what do we know?
Isabella Danel, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Danel stated that much of what we know about maternal health and HIV is based on estimates, suggesting a need for better data outside of institution-based studies. Danel spoke in detail on indirect infectious deaths, noting that co-infection with tuberculosis, malaria, mental health, or puerperal or abortion related sepsis are contributing factors of maternal mortality in settings with high HIV burden. Future challenges include: data quality and completeness, integrated antenatal care, and screening for depression. Danel concluded that pregnancy does not appear to accelerate HIV disease progression, and there is no evidence of increased risk of death in pregnant women living with HIV versus non-pregnant women living with HIV.

For more information, please visit the maternal health, HIV, and AIDS technical meeting page.