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Measuring Advocacy for Policy Change: The case for Respectful Maternity Care

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The case of tobacco—Measuring exposure and intention: Complications, considerations, and opportunities
Brian Southwell, RTI

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0:00 (minutes: seconds), Brian Southwell describes measurement challenges and outcomes, giving the equation: message broadcast+audience engagement = outcomes. He describes the challenges in measuring indirect exposure and intention, as well as the importance of using longitudinal designs and evaluations of communities (not individuals) when measuring outcomes.

Child Health and the UNICEF Advocacy Experience
Mickey Chopra, UNICEF

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16:00, Mickey Chopra reflects on UNICEF’s advocacy work (and the UNICEF advocacy toolkit) and how small gains are built upon past successes. He urges participants to present data by numbers, not rates, and to ensure partnerships to build capacity for advocacy and accountability.

33:30, Q&A raises discussion on behavioral willingness and its translation into action, the audience of the movement, generalizing RMC as a large-scale problem, and the importance of women as advocates for themselves.

For more information, please visit the respectful maternity care technical meeting page.