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Maternal Health, HIV, and AIDS: Examining Research Through a Programmatic Lens

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This culminating session featured a short discussion led by Ana Langer and David Stanton. Proposed next steps for targeted work included: production of a journal article, creation of a White Paper, targeted future meetings to learn and collaborate based on specific topics (such as respectful maternity care or stigma and discrimination), use of webinars for topic discussion, use existing groups for discussion opportunities, e-journal supplement submission, and use of the MHTF topics page as a resource. On an interpersonal level, next steps included: integration of HIV and maternal health at the WHO level as well as global level, expansion to both high and low prevalence HIV countries for leadership, integration into existing global working groups, inclusion of people living with HIV and AIDS at future meetings, and combination of maternal health and HIV experts from targeted countries to discuss solutions and barriers. Topics that also arose included implications for funding and patient friendly health services.

For more information, please visit the maternal health, HIV, and AIDS technical meeting page.