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Global Maternal Health Conference 2013

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Moderator: Richard Horton, The Lancet
Wendy Graham, University of Aberdeen
Marleen Temmerman, World Health Organization
Rafael Lozano, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Agnes Binagwaho, Ministry of Health Rwanda

This session provided attendees a chance to hear from a variety of experts in the field in a focused question/answer led session by Richard Horton of The Lancet. Discussions included topics on: the need for publications on issues that are most important to the community, how evidence should be presented to the government/leaders in regards to their time and comprehension of submitted materials, the importance and understanding of the short term of governmental seats and therefore the need for a shorter turn-around time for noticeable change, the need to publish failures along with successes, the importance of local partners and local leaders, and the need for materials to be accessible to all in more than one language. From these discussions, the concept of a change for the code of conduct of programs must be addressed, including the literary field, ethical review boards, donors, as well as the implementing organizations carrying out the programs.