Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators of Kangaroo Mother Care

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By: Teertha Arora, Candidate for Masters in Public Health (Global Health), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Research suggests that kangaroo mother care (KMC) can significantly reduce deaths in newborns as well as the risk of hypothermia and severe illness. Furthermore, it can lead to improved growth, breastfeeding practices and mother–child bonding. A recent study conducted by Chan and colleagues systematically reviewed the barriers and enablers of KMC within a health system…read more

How Kangaroo Mother Care Has Improved Newborn Health Outcomes and Supported Moms in Kenya

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By: Lutomia Mangala, Health Specialist, UNICEF Kenya

Kangaroo mother care involves prolonged continuous skin-to-skin contact between a mother or her surrogate and her preterm or low birth weight infant. For stable preterm infants, this low-cost, high-impact intervention has been shown to offer better thermal regulation and greater health benefits compared to conventional care…read more

Why Community Health Workers Can Lead to More Respectful Care for Women and Girls

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By: Amy Dempsey, Knowledge Translation and Advocacy Manager, Maternal and Newborn Health, Population Council

While many research and program initiatives focus on new innovations for advancing improvements in maternal and newborn health, the truth is that even today, basic access to health services can save lives and reduce mortality and morbidity in women and children. This is where community health workers come in…read more